This is my daughter Vivi Jo. When we were choosing a name for her, the meaning of Vivian didn't fit her referral description. The name Vivian means vibrant, alive, lively, and full of life. We decided to go ahead and name her Vivian Jospehine after her great-grandmothers and call her Vivi Jo. Her referral was not even close to accurate, this is a regular face we see in our home. She is vibrant, alive, lively, full of life and full of laughter...and that's just the beginning!
God poured out His blessings on us!


April said...

That is one serious belly it!

Mireille said...

Oh Kate, this is a great picture of Vivi Jo! I just LOVE it!!

Jessica said...

What a wonderful, beautiful laugh!

Would you be surprised if I told you we have that shirt too?


Alicia W. said...

Hands down - this is my absolute favorite. Just love how you captured that belly laugh.

Keri said...

Awesome! I love her scrunched up nose and little pigtails peeking from behind. Great photo!

Anissa said...

What a beautiful Picture. TFS

Mandi said...

She looks so happy! What a great photo.

Lisa said...


Boonsong said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for this